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Top 10 BAYC ( bored Ape Yacht Club) Like NFTs Waiting to Be Discovered

If you are interested to learn more about apes like NFTs, here is a rundown of some of the best options currently in the market.

Ape NFT:
Ape NFT:

Cool avatars are taking over the internet. First cool cats and now Apes who have a better sense of style than both you and me. But have you ever wondered how people are finding these NFTs? This article will look into what makes NFTs valuable and some of our picks of Ape-related NFTs that may be worth investing in. But this article is by no way financial advice, and we highly encourage you to do your own research before spending your hard earn cash.

In our quest to find the most valuable NFTs, we would look into some criteria including, the story behind the NFTs, any celebrity endorsement, the trend it set on the market, and most importantly, the brand value it provides.

Yuga-Labs-Bored-Ape-Yacht-Club-4466: Secondlastpage.comMutant Ape Yacht Club 

The first on our list is Mutant ape yacht club, a spin-off of BAYC created by the same Yuga Labs, the creators of BAYC. Mutant Ape has the same appearance and feels as its elder brother BAYC, and it has the same fan base and celebrity endorsements as its bigger brother. The mutant ape yacht club has an air of exclusivity about it, as evidenced by the sale in September of a collection of 101 Bored Apes for a stunning $24.39 million.

When we look at the current base price for mutant Ape, it is set at 36.69 Ethereum, which is approximately $130000 at the time of writing. There have been a significant number of transactions in the last seven days, indicating that this is likely to continue, and we are almost certain that the mutant ape yacht club NFTs will retain their value over the long term.

Given the strong link it already has with BAYC, which has the same inventor and has a fairly comparable fan following, Mutant ape yacht club is only likely to expand its exclusivity and value over time as its fan base grows.

Ape Gang

The ape gang is the new kid on the block, which was released in July and had a variety of mini-games, billboards, prizes, and frequent, lucrative competitions, has attracted a devoted following of its own. Currently, it has over 60000 Twitter followers and a large fan following, which contributes to its popularity. It also differentiates itself from the rest of the group by blending various characteristics such as eyes, fur, and caps to create a luminous pixelated aesthetic and give the apes their own appearance.

Moreover, with billboards in most major cities such as Tokyo, New York, Vancouver, and Singapore, as well as significant investment in community engagement activities such as mini-games and giveaways, the founders of the ape gang have gathered a large fan following, and things are looking up for the ape gang. They have also introduced a gang war feature that members may participate in for the chance to acquire special NFTs.

The introductory price is presently hovering around 0.77 ethereum, with several unique ones above 100 ethereum, which is expected to rise in the future. Additionally, according to NFTstats, the Ape gang NFT was sold more than 2000 times in the last week, further reinforcing the cryptocurrency’s prominence.

To summarize, Ape Gang NFT has a robust and healthy community that is expected to continue its growth in the foreseeable future. Ape Gang’s crew is constantly searching for new and innovative methods to improve the overall experience of NFT trading by adding extra features. When you purchase an Ape Gang NFT, you’ll have access to gang battles, additional NFTs, and tokens that can be added to your collection; we believe it has the potential to be a huge success in the future and give it our highest recommendation.

Baby Ape rescue 

One of the most eagerly awaited NFT projects is the baby ape rescue initiative, which is supported by a small but exceptionally brilliant group of artists. This NFT is located in Singapore, and they generated quite a stir when they unveiled their unique 100000 limited edition NFTs, which included a slew of features and charming accessories, like headphones, pacifiers, and even themed headgear. The Baby ape rescue NFT distinguishes itself from other NFTs by paying meticulous attention to every detail and producing exceptional quality products.

A single NFT is now valued at around 0.07 ethereum, comparable to approximately 300 dollars, and is a good deal considering the amount of excitement it has already generated. Like all good NFTs, Baby ape rescue has a compelling back story in which baby Ape’s home in Timbu Forest is on fire and burning down, and purchasing each NFT is a pledge to adopt one baby ape. When 75 percent of baby apes are rescued, or in other words sold, the good folks at baby ape will donate five ethereum to a global cause in the fight against climate change. Potential collectors are interested in a back story that addresses real-world issues like climate change, so this is a good option. As the project progresses, collectors of the NFT will be able to display their collections on and engage in hidden tournaments where they will be able to connect with other members of the community.

With its active participation in the community, an intriguing background that many people can connect to, and competitive pricing, baby ape rescue is an NFT to be reckoned with, and we expect it to grow even more in 2022. 

Fat Ape Club

Another NFT that made headlines even before it launched is the highly anticipated and hyped fat ape club, which garnered 100,000 discord members in less than four days, making it the most followed discord on the internet. The story revolves around a group of 9999 apes who spent the majority of their time partying and getting little to no exercise, resulting in them becoming obese. The obese apes used to live on a remote island, but as their weight increased, they became a target for poachers who wanted to sell them to a zoo for a profit. A brilliant story one must admit they also have a fun breeding mechanism; if you hold an NFT token, you may couple with another investor and produce a new NFT token that will be a mix of their parent token and the token you are breeding with. Even if the concept is absolutely unique, watching how it is implemented will be interesting.

There are also other prizes, and a lucky investor may even be eligible to get a Lamborghini Huracán if the NFT does not sell out. However, even though the fat ape club has not yet received any substantial celebrity endorsements, its unique concept, along with strong community support, has the fat ape club in a solid position.

This game will be launched on November 1st, and the Fat Ape Club’s roadmap reveals that they are taking precautions in their future development. To secure the project’s long-term viability, they are responsible for the following tasks: A special fund was established to ensure the company’s long-term existence by marketing efforts and development activities, with a portion of the second market royalties going to this fund. They hope that the value of this collection will improve with time, providing members greater confidence in their decision to purchase NFTs. It is safe to assume that the fat ape club is here to stay and will most likely make a significant dent in the market following its initial release. If you are interested in learning more about it, we recommend that you do so as soon as possible.

Strong Ape Club 

The strong ape club is another highly anticipated NFT token that generated a lot of excitement when it was first released. They began with a total of 10,000 distinct NFTs, but could not separate themselves from the competition. It does not have any substantial celebrity endorsements, nor does it distinguish characteristics that make it stand out. It has a respectable following on discord and Twitter, but its lack of originality makes it difficult to sell.

However, according to the open sea, their floor price begins at 0.06 ethereum and can be an exciting investment prospect. You have a lot to gain with very little at stake, and personally, this can be your best opportunity to make some bucks in the NFT world. Their team is attempting to incorporate celebrity endorsement, as seen by their ongoing marketing efforts, and look forward to what they come up with in the future.

Final thoughts 

These five NFTs are what we are banking on to burst in recent times. But this is our recommendation, and we do not encourage you to invest without your own research. We also like to remind you not to invest any money into NFTs that you can not afford to lose because the market is still maturing, and we are yet to know how it will retain its value in the future. To learn more about NFTs in general, head over to our website or comment on any question we would be happy to answer. Peace. 

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